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Welcome to our beekeeping experience and adventure. We meet at our designated time and have a short talk about our day while we light the smoker and get suited up. All suits are provided.

After we are suited up, we walk to the hive where we smoke the bees and ourselves to redirect the bees. Once we are all ready, we greet the bees and open the hive for an inspection to see what is happening within the colony.

We check for any hive needed maintenance or pests, and if there is an abundance of honey, we harvest! Then we close the hive and head to the honey house if we’ve collected honey frames. Once there, we remove our suits, drink some water, chat about what we saw and then scrape the honey frames.

Once all the frames are scraped, we squeeze the honey! Our hope is that you can all go home with a small jar of honey that’s been harvested by you! If in the event there isn’t available honey from the hive we opened, you’ll still get a small jar of honey to take home.

Start to finish, the whole process takes about 2-2.5 hours.

For anyone concerned about stings, please note that stings during a hive inspection or harvest are rare. We smoke the bees to calm them, and move slowly and intentionally to prevent stings. We always have child and adult Benadryl on hand just in case. If you know you are allergic to bees, please provide your own Epipen.

This experience is weather dependent and cannot happen if it’s raining hard. In the event of hard rain, we will reschedule if can. The final call can only be made the morning of the scheduled experience. Last minute, we know; the bees always keep us on our toes!

Please bring the following

  • Closed toed shoes or boots

  • Long socks

  • A hair tie if you have long hair

  • An epipen if you are allergic to bees but would still like to participate

  • Water bottle

  • Payment

    • $35/person kama’āina/Hawai'i resident 

    • $95/person out of state

    • Cash, Check or Venmo @stellargardens

    • Local school or homeschool groups, please contact us directly for group rates.

Provided by us

  • Bee suits for each participant

  • Jar of honey

  • Memories & photos that will last a lifetime!

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