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Stellar Gardens is the Nash Family Homestead nestled on the Island of Kaua’i, Hawai'i. Here, you can experience five acres of organic permaculture gardens in various stages of functionality, bees, sheep, dogs, cats, lots of invasive guinea grass, newly budding fruit trees, creative opportunities and Artists of all ages. We aim to create a place where our basic needs are always met: Clean Water, Organic Food, Fresh Air, Dry Shelter, Hot Baths, and Clean Fertilizer Creation so we are supported in creating Art in other mediums. 


Stellar Gardens is a loving place where Health, Safety, Joy & Art are our most precious offerings. Our intention is to share this creative abundance with the world, the community of Kaua`i, and you. 


Stellar Gardens mission is to educate children and their parents about honeybees through in person beekeeping and hands-on experience with the honeybees.


Jackson & Melissa Nash are both artists who fell in love in 2010 and committed to always having fun. This has often come in the form of teaching and sharing their love of the earth and its creatures with children and their parents. They have hosted three different children's educational groups throughout their time together, the biggest and most educational for them has been growing their own family while homesteading off grid. Their homestead was recently featured on the Discovery Channel show, Homestead Rescue. Their love for the bees has always been part of the relationship, but their work directly with honey bees began in 2015. They have always included their own and friends' children, as well as school groups, in their beekeeping adventures and are excited to share their love for the bees with guests of Kaua'i.

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