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So We Started A Band...

photo by Yoni Rivers @earthtoyoni

Our band is also called Stellar Gardens, and it consists of Jackson, Melissa, Stellar and our dear friend Paul Gelineau @paulsgelineau.

Back in Oct 2023, we started our YouTube channel and posted diligently for 11 weeks. For the 12th week, I asked Jackson if he had any thoughts for our next video. He said, “yeah, I think we should do a music video.” “For what song,” I said. “I don’t know.” Over the next three days, Jackson wrote the song Haunted. And on the evening of the third night, he went to Paul’s to record it and left after two hours.

The next morning, we woke, and Paul had sent the mixed song in the wee hours of the morning. But he forgot to give us the permissions to listen!

So we sipped our coffee, hung with the kids and patiently waited.

Finally we got the new link and listened. And it was the sound of everything changing.

We spent the next three days in awe while making the video as a family.

Cover art photo by Melissa Nash @beeing.melissa

We dropped Haunted on our YouTube channel on Dec 31, 2023 Hawaii Time, but Jan 1, 2024 everywhere else in the world. Later that week our local radio station @kauaicommunityradio Lehua Lounge @jlehua played it for the world.

And then our friend @karibunn played it for her friend, and he played it for his friends. Before we knew it, we were making deals with music industry people who love Haunted and believe in our music. They advised us to take down the video to be sure we have the song registered and protected and so we could work together to do a proper release. They’re putting together a press release for an official debut on all the streaming services! If it does well, they even want to press it on a limited release vinyl!!

Because every vinyl needs a B side, we recorded a song I wrote 12 years ago, and Jackson and Stellar harmonize with me! It’s a real sweet song.

It been an extraordinary whirlwind for first part of 2024. Plus some other amazing things happening BTS that we will share about soon; so we took a break from the YouTube channel, but will be back in the next couple weeks.

For now, click THIS LINK for a pre-save link to subscribe for updates about our music on your favorite streaming platform. 😘




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