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Viddy One

Well Garden Gang, here we are!

It's 2023 and we've been quiet online for many years.

Now we're back!

We've updated our website to show you what we're up to, what we are currently offering here on the land...


Here's our very first YouTube video to bring you up to speed on what's been keeping us busy for the last three years.

Please like, subscribe, share - all the things - so we can get our message out to more and more people.

If you seriously love what we are up to, subscribe to our Patreon so we can keep making these videos regularly. (working out the Patreon kinks as we move along....)

Thank you for your patience! We love you!

All of us at Stellar Gardens,

Jackson, Melissa, Stellar, Vervain & Neo


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Oct 20, 2023

Jackson & Melissa, wow excellent video, and thank the Quantum God expressions that the kind positive vibe is still with you and shared. I would drive by while on the way to Lihue and think well I wonder how they are doing these days, and wonder what new creative aspects have manifest on Stellar Gardens.

I was at Waipa this past Thursday and thought about when you folks used to come and help make poi.

Change has come to Waipa as it does to everything and volunteer help is still welcomed. The poi making happens Thursday as it has since its inception in the late eighties. Hope you can grace the Poi day with your presence sometime. as a fri…


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