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Little Things Streaming Now!

Little Things came to be back in 2011. This song is a deep piece of my heart. Jackson and I had received a magical message from the universe: if we wanted our dream of finding land for our homestead to come true, we needed to have a baby! This was a rather surprising message to receive, so we waited and processed, prayed and discussed. Jackson had taken a trip to see his family, and when he came home, he brought back a sweet little mini Martin guitar. He reminded me of some cords I’d learned as a young girl, and shortly after, Little Things came through. This song was basically me playfully trying to convince Jackson to consciously conceive our first child. It worked! We conceived Stellar a couple months later, and nearly 13 years after, Paul, Jackson and I recorded it with Stellar on harmony! This song is about love, life, birth and and the little dance of “what if?”


xo. melissa



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